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0001: What is a hemispheric fit, you ask?

It‘s something I came up with to describe…

· the connection between the northern and southern hemispheres of our world

· the coordinated interaction of the logical and creative hemispheres of our brain

· the synergy that ensues between different people who have just discovered common ground

· a warm embrace after a difficult, heartfelt discussion

When someone once asked me why I’m so interested in conflict dynamics, I laughed and replied, “Because I know what conflict is.”

I started Hemispheric Fit not because I proclaim to be an expert on the subject, but for the very reason that I’m not. Because I have more questions than answers, it seemed like a logical step to seek out and tap into the wisdom of the collective mind.

Since 2017, I have been living in the beautiful country of Uruguay. In North America (where I’m from) and here in South America, I have met many professionals with provocative insights and regular people with inspiring life experiences.

Let’s get you acquainted with one another. Let’s explore the collective, hemispheric mind – in both serious and fun ways!

Conflict will always exist. It’s a non-negotiable part of the human experience. Not all conflicts can be resolved and I would even argue that maybe some shouldn’t be. Many, however, can be successfully managed.

In our communications and actions, perfection isn’t attainable, but improvement is. Together, let’s use this little section of virtual space to facilitate important transformations in thought and perspective.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy Hemispheric Fit, where we’ll be connecting continents with common ground.

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Tatyana Nduta
Tatyana Nduta
04 Mar 2021

Looking forward to reading and learning more but I love it!

Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Thank you, Tatyana! More - much more - will follow. :-)

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