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0007: Reflexions on the Underground World

I travel light, I sleep at the Puertas de Alcalá, which, as the song says, I watch time pass, including Carlos Tercero. I wonder if his lackey had a hard time, like me. It is snowing in Madrid; Starbuck's is closed, along with McDonalds and Burger King. I don't know what I'm going to eat; under normal conditions they would give me some provisions at night. I have been dodging the global plague. My goal is to overcome the immediate pandemic: hunger. Today's newspaper says that the price of soy has risen and that 40% of the food produced around the world will end up in the trash. Too bad.I'm afraid I'm going to have more competitors, other Diogenes (cynics) like me, who will descend from somewhere in the middle and swell the underground world.

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