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Welcome to Hemispheric Fit!

This project will explore various magnitudes and dimensions of conflict, be they community related, interpersonal or intrapersonal.  Our deeper desire is to bridge data, information and knowledge with wisdom, empathy and understanding.


Together, we will look at conflict prevention, management, engagement, and resolution.  On the flipside, we will also look at the absence of conflict:  at healthy perspectives and invaluable examples of conflict transformation, cooperation and collaboration.


We will view conflict through lenses such as mindfulness practice, psychology, neuroscience, evolutionary biology, martial arts, visual arts, design, theatre, storytelling…


And even common sense. 


We will consider applications to childhood development, education, sport, community, decision analysis, group dynamics, palliative care, hospice, and the forgiveness process to name a few.


Hemispheric Fit endeavors to introduce and connect to each other the many ideas percolating about the nature of conflict on the North and South American continents.  From Alaska to Argentina - and Uruguay, where we live - field professionals and regular people with trailblazing – and fun – insights will be represented.

Thanks for visiting!

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